Monthly Archives: November 2014

Singapore pretty girl

Aylna Neo 2

She is Aylna Neo, a hot and pretty babe from the sunny island of singapore. First discover her on the web and she soon caught our attention. Man, to me she is damn hot and irresistible. Her body and her face is just perfect and with her big chest, she is a killer! What a hot singaporean chinese girl with perky boobs showing nice cleavage!

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Beautiful Stewardess and Hostess of Thai airlines

hot thai stewardess

Here are some of the hottest air attendants, flight stewardess and hostess from the respected airline of thailand. They are hot ,beautiful and sexy too. Most of these cabin crew girls that we’ve gathered are from Thai airways, Silkair, Air Asia and Nok air. These beautiful air crew girls surely make my day with their pretty faces and sunny smiles!

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Hot Girl from Singapore

Lee Pei Hsuan

This hot chiobu with cleavage is Pei Hsuan. As my friend always say;  chiobu a day keep the doctors away. Hope this lenglui will spice up your day and take the work blues away! Really love this pic of Pei Hsuan. Her boob size is just right and the long kang cleavage is so irresistable!  What a beautiful pretty face sggirl with a bright smile is she ! Continue reading

Hottest SG Chiobu and Girls of November 2014

hazel low 5

Here are some top 10 girls of singapore that chioeve recommends for the month of november. These are what we think the hottest chiobu Sggirls !Well the ranking does not go in order. You might agree or disagree with us but here are our monthly picks! If you thinks some girls featured here are overrated or underrated, suggestions and comments are welcomed! Type in the comment form below 🙂  Continue reading

Hot SG girl

Jessica Liu

Here are some pictures of hot sg zeh zeh Jessica Liu. She is not the Jessica Liu zeh zeh artiste from Mediacorp but just so happen to have the same name as her.  She is currently studying in SIM university of singapore and is a freelance model . Love her long hair, pretty face  and her busty cleavage. What a hot and beautiful sweet young singaporean lady she is! Continue reading