Somaline Ang Pretty Sggirl

This sweet sggirl is none other than Somaline Ang ( Hong Lin ). She was spotted in 2014 campus superstar and became an mediacorp actress.  Hong ling rose to fame after she was qualified as a semi-finalists in Channel U’s talent search programme Hey Gorgeous (2013).

Somaline Ang

Somaline Ang is born in 1994 in the sunny island of singapore. Really love to see new faces in our local drama. Man.. she’s really cute and chio. Look that next door girl looks of hers.

pretty mediacorp actress10270469_789234287811603_8618550833891208384_n hong ling Hong Ling 洪凌 Hong Ling 洪凌 chio Hong Ling 洪凌 6 Hong Ling 洪凌 5 Hong Ling 洪凌 4 Hong Ling 洪凌 3 Hong Ling 洪凌 2 Hong Ling singapore actress Hong Ling sexy hong ling pretty Hong Ling mediacorp Hong Ling mediacorp actress Hong Ling hot Hong Ling hot 1 Hong Ling dress Hong Ling chio Hong Ling bikini Hong Ling 7 Hong Ling 6 Hong Ling 4 12346597_946021422132888_6528495353791688318_n 12307508_1150115088351348_6579507587008598584_o 12004045_910267502374947_6573676750608861940_n 11892112_896909617044069_4189057304923592896_n 11891264_897337613667936_2129125587202381754_n 11742695_881255378609493_7556297401549476844_n 11143390_881165948618436_5386610493426929288_n 11059851_879322168802814_8045934341059614465_n 10984566_890231604378537_897621933271722114_n 10897053_789234397811592_5171887129845698896_n 10882133_784203934981305_8825735321498350181_n 10441931_856472494421115_7583976483332044964_n


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