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Felixia Yeap payudara

To all who do not know who this hot playboy model girl is, Felixia Yeap is a hot sexy model from Malaysia. She is the first malaysian chinese playboy bunny in south east asia. This is probably my last post on felixia Yeap because She had converted into Islam and is covering all her beautiful assets in hijab! There won’t be anymore revealing and cleavage pictures of her body and boobs. Its now even had to see her long beautiful hair as she wears Tudung. So I’ll be archiving her nice pictures before she removes it away. Why is she covering it all? Really miss her beautiful face, body , tit and breast… her lingerie, bra, bikini, racequeen, cleavage, mini skirt, corset, bunny suit shots , xvideos are no more.


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What a waste of a chiobu’s beauty and youth…