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Hot Japanese Actress Maria Ozawa

maria ozawa

Born in 1986 , Hokkaido Japan, Maria Ozawa is the all time famous actress from Japan. Renowned for her mixed blood heritage and her daring stunts, Maria Ozawa is so hot and pretty that she was the most searched actress in year 2008. Maria ozawa is half french half japanese and has a pair of busty breast; that is why she is so pretty! Here is a collection of her cleavage sensational photos in bikini, lingerie, bra and office attire! She is such a sexilicious hot girl!

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Hot Moko model Yoyiki Una

ye xin xuan swimsuit 2Ye Zi xuan (叶梓萱) is a new model born in 1989, China Shanghai. She is rather known by her nick name yoyiki Una. She studied in Japan and speaks fluent japanese thus thats how she got her japanese nickname Yoyiki.

She is sleek, petite and hot especially in her bikinis and swimsuit.  What a hot and beautiful model from Moko.

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