Contribute Pics

Contributed Pics by Fans of Chioeve.


How to upload

Start uploading by using the option below. Click “choose files” and then select the files you want to upload. Then click the orange Submit button.

Refresh the page and you’ll be able to see your uploaded picture(s).

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How to be a Writer and Blog contributor.

1. First register as a member in the link here.

2. After registration, login to your members area here. You may also be a Chioeve blog contributor by posting. Please use external imagehost to place big images to chioeves. This will help to reduce server cost that we need to maintain.

Rules: Only pictures of Asian girls are allowed. Please post pictures of non-nudity and do not post hate and racist contents. We appreciate all beautiful girls from all asian races and regions.


Advantages of being a Contributor

1. Boost and drive  traffic to your own blog. You can write post and place a maximum of  links to your own blog (if you have one).

2. Chioeve currently exceed 10k pageviews daily. Get exposure to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Worldwide fans

3. If you’re a model yourself, you can place your portfolio pictures and introduce yourself and gain. Current criteria for freelance or full time models is that you’ve to be Asian. Chioeve welcomes all models/ amatures to post pictures and introduce yourself.