Hottest SG Chiobu and Girls of November 2014

hazel low 5

Here are some top 10 girls of singapore that chioeve recommends for the month of november. These are what we think the hottest chiobu Sggirls !Well the ranking does not go in order. You might agree or disagree with us but here are our monthly picks! If you thinks some girls featured here are overrated or underrated, suggestions and comments are welcomed! Type in the comment form below 🙂 

1. Hazel Low.

hazel low faps

She is a young sg milf with beautiful breast cleavage and an angelic face. What a hot young mum .

2. Aylna Neo

Aylna neo


Aylna is so beautiful! Her delicious lips and longkang makes me wanna fap hard!

3. Jessica Liu

jessica liu 3she is such a babe!

4. Victoria Vicky Yeo

Victoria vicky yeoBest remembered as one of the hottest singtel grid race  girls!

5 .Jessica Chen jie Shi

jessica boob squeezeUndoubtedly one of the most chio chiobu in singapore!

6. Michelle Tan

Michelle TanMichelle was from Anderson Junior college. Currently a University girl of SIM-UOL. Fap faps! Sweet looking and hot body!

7. Rebecca Chen

Rebecca ChenRebecca Chen got the hottest boobs and body in this list. 🙂

8. Francesca Soh

Francesca Soh a13


9. Tammy Tay

Tammy Tay 16

10. Desiree Yong. 

Desiree yong pink sexy dress

Love her busty boobs and pretty face!