kang min kyung beautiful Korean Singer

Her name is Kang Min Kyung. She was born in south korea on 1990. That makes this hot and sexy korean girl 24 this year. Min Kyung is undoubtedly  one of the most beautiful korean model singer with a flawless face and a petite curvy body. I love how she shows her cleavage confidently in this sexy blue dress. She is a natural beautiful girl without much makeup.

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Japanese Actress Yui Hatano


Yui hatano is so hot and sexy. She is a japanese Av actress and a talented singer. Two years ago when the Fukushima power plant meltdown, people wondered if she was alive or dead. Well she is well and alive and is even prettier than ever! Here are some pictures of Yui Hatano to share . What a hot japanese lady with big boobs! Continue reading

Pretty SG Chick Vikki

Vikki Effynius 15

Her nick name is Vikki Effynius. She is a blogger girl and a model. I find that she is quite a photogenic chiobu sg chick. Here are some photos to share. She’s got nice captivating eyes and a pretty face. Again who says singapore lack of chio and pretty chicks. Chioeve simply love girls like her!

This is the blog address of of Vikki Effynius 

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Jiang Xin Yue Hot Tai Mei

Jiang Xin Yue

Jiang Xin Yue 江心玥 is a hot chiobu from taiwan. This taimei is pretty, got big boobs and a sexy figure. She is a full time model and a racequeen in taiwan.Here are some photos to share with you people. She’s so chio and her boobs are so juicy. Feel like unzipping those cleavage outfits. Fap fap faps!

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Thailand FHM march 2014 HD PDF

Thailand FHM march 2014 copy free

Chioeve now celebrates 1st year anniversary since the rebirth of the old Chioeves site. We’re giving away a free copy of Thailand’s FHM magazine march 2014 issue Girls next door edition at no cost to you. This edition will Cost you $24.99 usd if you were to download online. We’re now providing you free download of this PDF HD copy. We only need you to do a simple survey that takes you only a minute.

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