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Singapore pretty girl

Aylna Neo 2

She is Aylna Neo, a hot and pretty babe from the sunny island of singapore. First discover her on the web and she soon caught our attention. Man, to me she is damn hot and irresistible. Her body and her face is just perfect and with her big chest, she is a killer! What a hot singaporean chinese girl with perky boobs showing nice cleavage!

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Wang Li Dan Danielle

Daniella Wang 3

Her name is Danielle Wang Li Dan. She is a Mongolian Model and a Top rising model in China. Not only that she is a hot and beautiful girl with a sharp proportionate face and beautiful facial features, she is sexy and photogenic too. She’s currently a medical student.  Really love her asian busty boobs, perky tits and curvy waist. Can you imagine if this hot chinese lady graduates and become a doctor. I would to visit her clinic often!

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