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Chiobu in plastic skirt

Chiobu in Plastic latex skirt

Randomly came across some pictures on tumblr of this sg hot chiobu wearing short plastic / latex skirt. This makes her look sexy and sensational. Not sure of her name and Fb address though. Nonetheless, her are some peektures of this pretty singaporean chiobu in short skirt. Really love the way she takes her pics. Faps! Continue reading

Sggirls Facebook Minty

minty paw paws 14

Minty is a hot sg girl I’ve spotted in a random facebook post. Here are the peektures of this pretty chiobu. Sggirls like Minty is a rare gem to find in singapore. Minty is a sexy classy catlike chiobu with a pretty face and a nice natural cleavage. From what i know, she’s a poly student. Not sure which polytechnic she studies in though. what a hot poly chiobu. Continue reading

Pretty Sggirl Melissa Jane

Singaporean model girl
Singaporean model girl

Her name is Melissa Jane Ferosha. She is a  student model from the sunny island of Singapore. Melissa is a natural looking chio sg girl with beautiful facial features and a stunning figure. I love this type of sggirls. What a young and pretty Singaporean lady. Fap faps!

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Hot KL lenglui Denise Tai

Denise Tai malaysia Lenglui

Her name is Denise Tai.  She is a Hot lenglui from KL malaysia. She is a Uni student and a full time model. KL girls are really beri leng! She have a sweet face and a hot body, woots! I learned that lowyat forums calls this kind of lenglui a good Awek waifu material.

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