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Chiobu in plastic skirt

Chiobu in Plastic latex skirt

Randomly came across some pictures on tumblr of this sg hot chiobu wearing short plastic / latex skirt. This makes her look sexy and sensational. Not sure of her name and Fb address though. Nonetheless, her are some peektures of this pretty singaporean chiobu in short skirt. Really love the way she takes her pics. Faps! Continue reading

More of Rina Yuki Chen peektures

Eyna Enigami

Another post on sggirl Rina Yuki chen. here are some more of her pictures of this hot Singapore chiobu. Rina Yuki Chen is a peranakan girl of a malay and Chinese mix. That is what makes her so exotic and beautiful looking. Here are some of her hot and sexy photos to share with you chioeve fans! A lenglui a day keeps the daily work blues away!

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Best of Chioeves July 2014

francesca soh

Here are some of the best girls that Chioeve team had picked.  Chiobu and lenglui from all over chioeve database of hot babes, models and hot bloggers. This category includes only singapore girls. We’ll be doing Top Malaysian lengluis and other Hot Asian girls in the coming months. Check out the top Chio sg girls of July 2014. Hope you people enjoy! Comments and suggestions are welcomed! Continue reading

Chiobu from Sgangels

This cute mei mei from sg gotten my attention and there we’ve decided to post it on chio eve. With the courtesy of sgsangels.tumblr.com This xiao mei is busty, hot and sexy. Love the way she show her busty cleavage. Not sure what is the name of this cute mei mei chiobu. I remembered seeing her in either sggirls or lenglui daily. If you know is she pls enlighten us in the cbox at the right hand side of the page.  Would appreciate that !

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