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Sggirl Cheryl

Cheryl Teo trl

Hi fellas, we’ve been very busy lately and its been a while since our last chiobu, lenglui, xmm and jie jie picture post. Today we introduce you this chiobu call Cheryl Teo and she is from our sunny island of singapore. Her nickname is Cheryl Trl. Here are some of her peektures to share…. 🙂 We will be trying our best to post more chio bu profile and pictures of sggirls and other pretty asian girls. eally love that beautiful cleavage of Cheryl. Enjoy!

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Naomi Neo

Her name is naomi neo. She is such a cute and pretty sg girl with nice boobs and body. Naomi is indeed a hot school wannabe from NAFA ( Nanyang academy of fine arts Singapore). Although there are people slamming her on the web about her photoshopping her breast and boobs,  I feel Naomi don’t deserve such harsh critics, she’s just a young lovely chiobu blogger girl. Here are some latest photos of naomi neo. I love her wearing floral dresses and miniskirts. To me she looked a bit like Elly Tran Ha at certain angle, just my own opinion. What a cute and lovely tertiary school chiobu.

Naomi Neo hot

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Hot SG Chiobu Michelle Low

Michelle Low boobs

Michelle Low is a hot chiobu and a full time model in singapore. I find that her boobs are just right. I love the way she show her breast longkang. Not too big but juicy enough to capture attention. I find Michelle low very chio and sexy and sg really needs girls like her. Fap fap faps.

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Hot NUS Chiobu Su Ann

wong su ann 4

Yes its Wong Su Ann…..!!!!!  fap fap faps. Her beauty tells a thousand words and melts a thousand hearts. By far she is one of the most chio singaporean girl that i’ve came across. Su Ann is a chiobu Law student at NUS and is also a blogger model. She owns a blogshop too!

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