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Big Breast China model Li Dan

Daniella Wang li dan big boobs

Woots, her name is Daniella Wang Li Dan or danielle Wang. She is China’s favorite soccer girl. She is currently a top supermodel in China. Her boobs are real big and busty. I dun really know if she had augmented her breast or are the boobs natural. Well, who cares, I’ll just simply fap fap fap to this hot , breasty and sexy chinese lady!

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Pei Si Rao China Top model

pei si rao 5

Her name is Pei Si Rao Tina. She is one smoking hot model from Moko China! I especially love her in bikinis, lingerie and swimsuits. It shows her beautiful breast cleavage and her slender sexy perfect body. She is one of the hottest Chinese Models that i’ve ever came across. China really produce lots of Hot models. Continue reading

Hottest China models of 2014

Liu yi fei pretty 1

Gotten this from a source in baidu. Here are some top 10 hot models and celebrities that are most recognised by the asian world.  Pls do take note that the rankings here are not in order. The list of chinese girls include ada Liu yan, Li meng tian, Liu Yi fei, Liu shi shi, fan bing bing and others. The model featured above is the famous celebrity liu yi fei.

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