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Chiobu in short skirt Xue Qi

Xue Qi

Her name is Xue Qi. I love her naturally pretty looks even when she doesn’t apply makeups! Xueqi looks like a girl next door in this photoshoot. I love her spaghetti top and her short elegant skirt makes her look perfect! Upz for this local singaporean chio girl! What a lovely sg chiobu in short skirt!   Continue reading

Hot KL lenglui Denise Tai

Denise Tai malaysia Lenglui

Her name is Denise Tai.  She is a Hot lenglui from KL malaysia. She is a Uni student and a full time model. KL girls are really beri leng! She have a sweet face and a hot body, woots! I learned that lowyat forums calls this kind of lenglui a good Awek waifu material.

Continue reading

SIM Chiobu Jessica

Sim Uni Chiobu

Her name is Jessica Liu. Not the mediacorp jessica liu but just happen to be the same name. Jessica is currently studying at SIM global. She is currently a full time uni student and model Not sure which course is she in though. SIM University surely does have a lot of hot sg chiobus!  Continue reading