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Sggirls Facebook Minty

minty paw paws 14

Minty is a hot sg girl I’ve spotted in a random facebook post. Here are the peektures of this pretty chiobu. Sggirls like Minty is a rare gem to find in singapore. Minty is a sexy classy catlike chiobu with a pretty face and a nice natural cleavage. From what i know, she’s a poly student. Not sure which polytechnic she studies in though. what a hot poly chiobu. Continue reading

Bonnie Loo Campus superstar 2013 Winner

Bonnie Loo is a winner of campus superstar 2013.  She eventually emerged as Champion and is now a full time Singer and actress both in singapore and malaysia. She was born in malaysia and currently studying in a polytechnic in singapore. Bonnie is a talented singer and she is a beautiful chiobu too! Here are some photos of her to share with you guys. Enjoy!

Continue reading

FHM Singapore Hot Model Michelle Tan

Hot Singaporean model

Imagine if your enemy looked as hot and Chio as her and is pointing her gun at you? You’ll simply Chiu Cheng and die under her hands hahaha! Her name is Michelle Tan and she is a hot and sexy sg FHM model. She was voted as one of the top Singapore FHM girls in 2013 . I simply love her in this outfit.  She looks nice in her lingerie Bikini and her breast cleavage is nice too. I won’t really call her a dua neh bu but her boob size is just right and faplicious.  This chiobu is currently studying in Singapore Poly.  Fap fap faps… Continue reading

Pretty Xiao Mei Elaine Yui

Elaine Yui cute

Elaine yui is a cute and beautiful xiao mei chiobu from SG. Elaine has a sweet and pretty face and a petite body. She is one adorable pretty student chiobu that is now studying her diploma. Currently this pretty xmm is a full time student model. Click on the post title and read on the post to view her pics.  Continue reading