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Kayla Wong Short Hair SIA Chiobu

Kayla wong 2 Kayla Wong Short Hair SIA Chiobu

Her name is Kayla Wong. She is a hot sg chiobu. Kayla is currently a SIA singapore air stewardess chiobu. Kayla cut her hair short last year. This sg chick used to keep long hair. Nonetheless long or short, she’s quite chio and worth sharing with you people. Have a nice day! Continue reading

Jessica Chen jie Shi

Jessica Chen Jie Shi 29 Jessica Chen jie Shi

Here are some more pictures of this hot, sexy and beautiful singaporean chiobu to share with you guys that your cure your monday blues. Her full real name  is Jessica Tan Jie Shi. Jessica Chen is really a smoking hot girl and together with Hazel Low, they make a good deadly faplicious combination! I really love her perky chest . Continue reading