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Hot Girl from Singapore

Lee Pei Hsuan

This hot chiobu with cleavage is Pei Hsuan. As my friend always say;  chiobu a day keep the doctors away. Hope this lenglui will spice up your day and take the work blues away! Really love this pic of Pei Hsuan. Her boob size is just right and the long kang cleavage is so irresistable!  What a beautiful pretty face sggirl with a bright smile is she ! Continue reading

Hottest SG Chiobu and Girls of November 2014

hazel low 5

Here are some top 10 girls of singapore that chioeve recommends for the month of november. These are what we think the hottest chiobu Sggirls !Well the ranking does not go in order. You might agree or disagree with us but here are our monthly picks! If you thinks some girls featured here are overrated or underrated, suggestions and comments are welcomed! Type in the comment form below 🙂  Continue reading

Singapore Big Breast Goddess Christine

big boobs singaporean girl

This is none other than singapore’s version of  asia’s big bust goddess elly tran ha. She is Christine Lim, also know as X tin Lim. Not very sure what the ‘X’ meant but must be something to do with her busty assets i guess 🙂 ! I really love those pair of E cup jugs and her pretty face. Her boobbs cleavage is perfect and her longkang is delicious. Christine Lim X-Tin also took several shots in sexy lingerie and bra. Wotts,  She is a angelic hot babe! I would say she is one of the hottest big boobs singaporean chiobu girl that many guys will drool after! Fap fap faps!

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Jocelyn Kau Recent Pics

Jocelyn Kau Oriental girl


This chiobu is Jocelyn Kau. She is 23 years old as of this post. Here are some of her latest instagram and facebook pics. Her nickname is honeybakedham in blogs and instagram. This chio sg girl is slim and sweet.  Last heard that she is currently working in prudential! If you bump onto her at roadshows, you’ll sure sign up with her in pleasure! =D Jocelyn Kau is a petite girl of only 155 cm.  However she is much more hotter and sexier than her height! Here’s Why, follow through the post to find out yourself!

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Singapore Girls Oriental

Jasmine Ong sexy in dress

Here are some random chiobu picks for the day to take your work blues away!   24 Photos of pretty & hot oriental Singaporean girls babes and several dua neh chio bus from all of Chioeve’s best girls! Who says Singapore got no hot girls? We’ve chosen so of the best chiobus from our collection. Hope you guys enjoy!

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Singapore Cute Girl

singapore chiobu yvonne tan

This pretty, cute and hot chiobu girl is non other than Yvonne Tan. Yvonne is a pretty Singapore oriental girl who is a full time Student and also a rising model. Check her out in her bikini, swimsuit and uniforms in the photo sets that we’ve discovered in her instagram and FB profile. What a hot sggirl chiobu is Yvonne Tan!

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