To all singaporeans truth be told


Get ready . Truth be told.  We chioeve team decides to spread the truth about our gahment….

1. Hotnews…. >>> The Pro alien party works with rothchilds . <<< Click the link to read more.

This year’s election is no erection….

bang… pak chiu cheng got nothing out….

You may not agree with Roy Ngerng but please keep an open mind. Sorry we still need to post this although this post is not about chiobu, but the future of all singaporeans.  You might find it funny that ham-sup edwmers aka (fan base  chiobu enthusiast) like us are still patriotic about singapore. But bros no fwanny joke man.  Pak chiu cheng aside. Today we got serious news for all fellow chioeve fans here 🙂

Thank you for your sarpork for chioeve all these years. We all want the greater good for sg.

2. You may think illuminati, freemasonry  and new world order are fake conspiracies, well think again. That s why we singapore of such a miniscule size attains first world earnings and GDP but gahment still wanna press us for more money. Why such a small island country like us need so much $$$$ ching ching to maintain.  Dun chiu find it suspicious  that such a small country like us need so much money? because the Rothschilds and the cabals are pressing our gahment for $$.  The cabals are losing their war and are desperate to instill their new world order…. including sinkiepore.

What da fug is going on….  who da farg are the rothschilds….

Please watch this nice cute cartoon! It explains almost everything!

3. My apologies if the angmoh here is not powderful and readable… we have a reason for doing so…. Happy sg 50. Hope next time we have a good erection… oops i mean election! 🙂 Cheers!

ps…. to all non singaporean chioeve fans who catch no balls here… paiseh! We’ll post more chiobu pics for your eye enjoyment next week!