Tsubasa Amami

Tsubasa Amami

Ok, lets have some Jap flavor for today! Hot and sexy Japanese actress and model Tsubasa Amami is ranked one of the top 10 Japanese girls in Japan. This hot Japanese model was born in 1988. Her beautiful looks and her smoking hot figure is a testimony for herself. Here are some of Tsubasa’s photos to share.


tsubasa-amami-hot Tsubasa Amami floral dress

I simply loved to see Tsubasa amami is floral dress showing her beautiful busty boob cleavage. Seeing her in Bikini is a sensation too!

Tsubasa Amami in bra Tsubasa Amami in lingerieTsuba Amami in sexy bra  Tsubasa Amami sexy pink 1 Tsubasa Amami sexy pink

Below, Tsubasa Amami shows her upskirt and beautiful breast cleavage. Fap fap faps!Tsubasa Amami upskirt pictures Tsubasa Amami upskirt  tsubasa-amami-1-pondoTsubasa Amami in police uniformTsubasa Amami breastTsubasa Amami in bikiniTsubasa Amami pretty Tsubasa Amami sexy red dresstsubasa-amami-cleavage